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The Top 10 Caterers in Christchurch

After extensive research and a large amount of taste testing, we have created a list of the top 10 caterers in Christchurch that are guaranteed to make your corporate event great! Read article

AUGUST 18, 2020


Budget Friendly Corporate Catering Ideas

Thinking “what kind of catering can I provide a large crowd without compromising on quality?". We have four catering suggestions that are full-proof crowd-pleasers for large events on tight budgets. Read article

AUGUST 11, 2020


Japanese Inspired Corporate Catering

Looking for a healthy, easy-going, fresh and stylish catering option. Check Christchurch caterers that are masters of Japanese cuisine. Read article

JULY 28, 2020


5 Catering Ideas For Office Shout

Nothing raises office morale like a Friday afternoon and the promise of free food. Not sure what to get to make your team happy? Maybe you left it to last minute? Read article

JULY 28, 2020