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We make corporate catering easy

The same cost for half the work

The same cost for half the work

Enjoy the same pricing (or even lower) as going directly to the caterer, and never pay fees or upcharges.

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Caterway made things so much easier and effortless. I can easily find and order corporate catering, used to spend hours calling and emailing for quotes.

The change to Caterway has been simply amazing for me and my team. I used to spend so many hours googling and googling different caterers to see what options were available. The whole process was so manual that I would waste hours just trying to get the right quote. Caterway just lets you log in and order everything online. On top of that prices on Caterway are identical or even lower sometimes to the caterer’s normal pricing. I can find all the caterers who can delivery to my office. Caterway is the easiest and cheapest way to find, compare and book local corporate catering!

Changing, cancelling, re-ordering online is one click away

Changing, cancelling, re-ordering online is one click away

You can manage all your catering orders from a single platform. Need to change or cancel your order? You can now do it online without having to send emails or make phone calls. Simply select order, make changes and update. Easy as!

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Event Coordinator

It's effortless catering technology. I can modify orders in seconds with Caterway.

There's not a day that goes by that the number of people change, the items need to change, or dietary requirements need to be updated. It used to take me so much time to find the original order and check that I had the right dietary needs, but Caterway actually saves all my orders and any other orders placed within my company--all in one place.

If I have to make a change, I just jump on Caterway and make my changes, then update. I can even repeat orders with one click for those in the office who always get the same thing.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team

Take the stress out of events and collaborate with team members with one simple platform. With Caterway you can add your colleagues to your company account to help each other with catering orders.

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Personal Assistant

Anyone in the office can help keep an eye on catering orders.

I've never used catering tech that lets you manage orders placed by someone else. My co-worker put in several catering orders for board meetings for the next few weeks before her holiday vacation. Two days later, the inevitable happened and all the meeting schedules changed. It should have been a massive, time-consuming problem, but Caterway made it easy to access all of the orders and simply update the dates.

So anyone in the office can update the orders on the fly now. Another thing that's helpful is how Caterway handles invoice. It's just one invoice to pay per month rather than several across various suppliers.

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