Providing quality catering services for your guests is an essential part of hosting a successful event. You don’t want your catering to be dull or cold, you want your catering to be whispered about in the office for a few days after the event has finished! We know organising and choosing catering for your event can be a time consuming and stressful task with the wide selection of caterers available. 

Luckily, we have tried and tested a large variety of caterers in Christchurch and we are here to make your choice a little bit easier. After extensive research and a large amount of taste testing, we have created a list of the top 10 caterers in Christchurch that are guaranteed to make your corporate event great! From vegan Twix bars to sandwiches delivered by a Viking, you name it we have the answers to your catering needs listed below.

Country Feasts

Country Feasts isn’t your average catering service. Proudly describing themselves as “a little bit Country a little bit Cosmo” the local legends at Country Feasts can raise your office event up a level with its hearty country cuisine catering services. In the competitive world of Christchurch catering, it’s hard to find a catering company that is not “hemmed by convention” but this caterer is happy to create what you need. Country Feasts has garnered a good reputation amongst customers for their adaptability and stellar communication skills. If you have a big idea and a unique event that requires a caterer that can have some fun and produce delicious food then Country Feasts is the Catering company for you.

Specialises in: Hearty food, sandwiches, burgers, marquee settings, corporate events, morning and afternoon tea catering, themed events and more.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $100 / 24 hrs 

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Honey Cakes 

Does your office have a sweet tooth? Well, Christchurch corporates are in for a treat with Honey Cakes. If you order dessert from Honey Cakes for your next office event be prepared for the catering table to be a swarm of activity. Honey Cakes is a small Christchurch catering service that specialises in European cakes and sweet treats. The best part? Almost all of the catering offerings from Honey Cakes can be made dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and soy-free! Catering to everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements at your next event. Serving up tarts, macarons and decadent multi-layered cakes Honey Cakes is a great choice for any of your morning tea catering and afternoon catering needs. 

Specialises in: Cakes and sweet treats, dessert catering and more.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $50 / 48 hrs

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Pure Kitchen

Pure Kitchen is an awesome local Christchurch caterer that creates delicious (and very aesthetically pleasing) healthy treats. Pure Kitchen takes your favourite chocolate bars and transforms them into an arguably more delicious and slightly less guilt-inducing treat! From vegan Twix bars to keto Bounty bars you name it they’ve made it. We think they are food wizards, and so do their loyal customers. With so many people switching to vegan and keto diets providing a catering option that caters for everyone tastes is essential when planning an event! Whatever your event or occasion is catering from Pure Kitchen is guaranteed to vamp up your morning and afternoon tea, celebration or meeting. You’ll probably catch the staff trying to smuggle some slice home. It's that good.

Specialises in: Dessert catering, office shout, birthday celebration, and other special occasions, vegan, keto and dairy-free catering and more.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $100 / 48 hrs

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Catering by Nikki (Nikki's Kitchen)

From large scale events to small office meetings the catering team at Nikki’s Kitchen can ensure your guests are well fed and your event runs seamlessly. This catering company has been running since 2002, making them a Christchurch catering veteran with years of professional experience in corporate catering behind their name. The homemade slices that come out of Nikki’s Kitchen will blow your mind, with set menus that include chocolate brownies that rival your grandma's secret recipe to fruit platters so fresh they wake everyone up at the early morning meeting. This catering company has an extensive menu and set menu selection ensuring you have a variety of options to meet your needs. Psst… They have cheese and onion rolls…A Southland favourite, need we say more?

Specialises in: Platters, morning tea and afternoon tea catering, birthday celebration, corporate events and other special occasions.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $30 / 24 hrs

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Sesame Sushi and Asian Fusion 

Did someone say they wanted delicious, colourful, flavour-packed sushi at their next event? Well, you have come to the right place because the sushi masters at Sesame Sushi and Asian Fusion can make your next event sushi infused success. Sesame Sushi and Asian Fusion is a hidden gem in the world of Christchurch catering serving up some of the best (if we do say so ourselves) karaage chicken, dumplings and sushi platters in town. No matter the event sushi is always a fan favourite when it comes to catering. It’s the perfect finger food, it tastes great, fills the team up and everyone loves it. We would even go as far to say they are one of the best sushi caterers in Christchurch! 

Specialises in: Sushi platters, finger food, large events, corporate catering and more.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $85 / 24 hrs

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The Kiwi Viking

The Kiwi Viking is a fresh new catering service in town and they live true to their name with the legendary owner Sam often turning up to their physical store in full Viking attire! Axe and fur galore. The Kiwi Viking puts a modern twist on subs and sandwich catering, drawing on culinary influence from its Icelandic roots the team at The Kiwi Viking will turn your next event into a modern Viking feast! Customers love the generous portions and loaded fries this caterer serves up. If you’re looking for a filling catering option at your next event that provides value for money and is delivered by an awesome team then The Kiwi Viking should be in your order cart.

Specialises in: Sandwiches and subs, corporate catering, morning and afternoon tea, small and large events and more.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $150 / 24 hrs

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Munch Me

Does your corporate event need finger food that is presentable and delicious? Maybe you’ve been searching for the perfect platter to feed the team or some sweet treats to spruce up your next meeting. Munch Me can meet all of your morning tea catering needs and more, providing a seamless,  professional, handcrafted catering service that has made them a catering favourite In the eyes of customers. We think the catering team at Munch Me are pretty darn good at their job. Hot tip: Munch Me’s fresh profiteroles should be ordered by the dozen.. Trust us you can never have too much of a good thing.

Specialises in: Finger food, gourmet platters, morning and afternoon tea, corporate catering and more.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $100 / 48 hr

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Aha Wildlife Bakery

Aha Wildlife Bakery isn’t your average caterer, this catering company serves food innovation with a side of wildlife advocacy. If you want to provide delicious catering at your next corporate event AND support the environment at the same time Aha Wildlife Bakery should be at the top of your list. Using biodegradable consumables and plastic-free catering Aha is a sustainable catering legend. Famous for its freshly baked kiwi shaped pretzels, penguin-shaped cookies and whale-shaped sandwiches Aha is a unique catering choice for your next event. 

Specialises in: Supporting New Zealand wildlife, baking, sandwiches, corporate catering and more.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $50 / 48 hr 

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Epiphany Café

Epiphany Café is renowned not just in Christchurch for its award-winning donuts but customers love them nation-wide! In our expert opinion, you can never go wrong with donuts when planning an event. We would argue donuts are a full proof, guaranteed to please catering option. Do you want to order dessert for your next meeting? The selection of sweet treats is endless with Epiphany, from salted caramel donuts to crème Brûlée donuts there is truly a flavour for everyone. Epiphany also offers delicious homemade scones and muffins within their catering services. Dessert catering is Epiphany’s forte, we suggest ordering a few boxes for your next event and seeing what all the hype is about. Warning: These donuts are mouth-watering good.

Specialises in: Donuts, dessert catering, finger food, corporate catering, morning and afternoon tea and more.

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $100 / 48 hrs

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Chef Astig

Chef Astig provides creative and mouth-watering Euro-Asian inspired cuisine. The catering team at Chef Astig not only provide delicious food but they can also look after the set-up and the part you dread the most... The clean-up! What customers love the most about Chef Astig is that they’re committed to supporting their customers catering needs and always provide the very best catering service they can. Have an outdoor event and want tasty BBQ catering or a pasta bar? This Christchurch caterer has a menu that caterers for all event needs. The team at Chef Astig is guaranteed to pull out all of the stops to make your next event a breeze. 

Specialises in: BBQ catering, burgers, platters, pasta, corporate catering and more

Minimum order and minimum notice needed for this caterer: $40 / 48 hrs

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AUGUST 18, 2020 • 5 MIN READ

Words by Michelle Maurenbrecher
Michelle is a writer for Caterway, where she regularly scours Christchurch and New Zealand to find the best local caterers, catering trends and innovative catering solutions to share with you. Michelle loves dogs, has a passion for great food, and volunteers to taste test everything that comes into the office.