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Whether you need catering for a formal business meeting, a casual planning session, a sales pitch or even a relaxed staff lunch, sushi allows you to provide food for corporate activities simply and without disruption to your proceedings.

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Sushi Catering and Special Dietary Requirements

One of the largest advantages to sushi catering is that it can be consumed by people with different dietary restrictions. When you order online, most catering menus note which dishes meet certain requirements, allowing you to simply choose dishes that appease your staff.

Vegetarian Sushi

Sushi will appeal to staff members who may eat fish but refrain from consuming other meats, but it will often be necessary to plan catering around those in your corporate office that may be completely vegetarian. Sushi offers numerous solutions. Most Japanese catering menus often contain vegetarian rolls, vegetable tempura, vegetarian gyoza dumplings and other tasty options.

Gluten-Free Sushi

Gluten-free options abound on nearly every sushi catering menu, you just have to know which Japanese menu items contain gluten. Watch out for tempura, dumplings, imitation crab, dipping sauces and fish cured with rice vinegar. These items may contain gluten. Most menus will indicate which items are gluten-free, but common gluten-free choices include Sashimi, Nigiri and Maki rolls.

Dairy-Free Sushi

You'll have few worries concerning dairy sensitivities and allergies when choosing sushi catering. Most sushi rolls are dairy-free. However, some American style rolls such as the Philadelphia roll contain cream cheese. Catering options include Maki rolls, Sashimi platters and even many tempura dishes that are traditionally prepared without the use of dairy products. Most Japanese menus will indicate items containing dairy.

Great corporate catering option

  • Catering is easy to order online, giving you time to prepare for your meeting
  • Sushi catering is served cold, requiring no equipment to keep it warm
  • Small plates allow for freedom of movement, giving your staff flexibility
  • Bite-sized portions are easy to eat, allowing for more productive conversation
  • Sushi requires minimum utensils keeping hands free for paperwork or notetaking
  • Sushi and Japanese catering menus can be easily tailored to meet dietary restrictions

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