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More companies are relying on corporate catering for their meetings and conferences than ever before. If you're planning on catering any business event, it's important to take into account those attendees who adhere to special diets.

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How to cater for special dietary needs

Taking dietary restrictions into account when catering for your office doesn't have to be as complicated as you may think. When ordering online catering, many caterers include notations as to which items are vegan, vegetarian or contain allergens like dairy or gluten.

Gluten-free catering

People on a gluten-free diet must avoid wheat and bread products. Try ordering catered meals that include chicken, beef and other meats with sides of rice, potatoes or salad. If you prefer snack style catering, consider shrimp cocktails, mini-tacos made with pure corn tortillas or meat and cheese platters. Desserts can include fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, cake pops made with almond flour or fresh fruit.

Vegan catering

When planning catering for those on vegan diets, make sure you confirm that catered food was made with no animal product or by-product. Some great vegan ideas include fresh spring rolls, roasted sweet potato bites and grilled vegetable antipasto. If you require something more substantial, salads and vegan burger substitutes are tasty alternatives. Fresh melon drizzled with a sweet white balsamic vinaigrette is a great option for a vegan dessert.

Dairy-free catering

It's actually pretty easy to find catering that provides dishes without any dairy. Grilled fish or steaks with a dairy-free sauce make filling entree choices, while bacon-wrapped vegetables such as asparagus or meatballs can easily be made without the use of dairy. For dessert try fruit tarts with a milk-free crust, chocolate cream made with coconut milk or sugared berry compote on angel food cake.

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Interesting facts about special diets

Vegetarians don't consume meat, but many will still consume eggs and dairy. Many substitute vegetable based items for common meat products such as hamburgers.

Like vegetarians, vegans don't consume animal product, but their diets go beyond skipping meat. Vegans can't consume any product that may have exploited an animal or insect.

Gluten-free diets have become very popular in recent years. Those with a gluten allergy can suffer severe consequences when ignoring dietary needs.

While those on a dairy-free diet cannot eat dairy, there are many substitutes that are acceptable. Soy milk, oat milk and almond milk are three popular alternatives to cow's milk.

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