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Looking for delicious finger-food catering for your next corporate event?

We got some mouth-watering finger foods you may want to consider! Finger-food catering offers bite-sized foods which are perfect when your guests need healthy and light foods to munch. Catered finger foods are also easy to display and serve. Choose from a wide range of menus, customise based on special dietary requirements and pay online instantly. No more emails and phone calls, your catering is made easy with Caterway.

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Finger food is a trendy catering option for all kinds of corporate events.

Conferences and Meetings

Utilising catering for corporate meetings has become a must. Whether you're hosting potential clients at a sales convention or have an in-house conference, finger foods are perfect for the attendees at your meetings. Catering finger foods affords the opportunity to feed clients and staff while encouraging productivity. Finger food items such as small sandwiches, vegetable platters and baked goods satisfy hunger without creating a mess in your board room.

Cocktail-Style Events

If you're hosting a cocktail party, you simply can't beat finger foods. Nothing derails a cocktail party like losing a drink or juggling a glass and a plate. Small bites allow for guests to hang on to their drink while eating and socialising. Consider catering that offers easy to grab food items such as bacon-wrapped shrimp, meatballs or other items served with toothpick.

Birthday Shouts

Birthday parties are the quintessential social setting, and more and more people are ditching the big birthday dinner for catering with finger foods. Small bites allow family and friends to gather and offer well wishes without having to wait for an opportunity around a crowded table. Even the traditional birthday cake is being replaced by cake pops, mini cupcakes and other sweet treats that can be consumed in a bite or two.

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Finger food tables set up ideas

Finger food tables set up ideas

One of the hottest trends is to spread out finger food table displays. This will provide easier service as well as keep your guests moving to explore what's on tables in different areas of the room. Finger food displays can also be set up to attract attention to corporate literature, birthday cards to be signed or any other aspect of the event you'd like guests to pay attention to.