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A canape is a common type of hors d'oeuvre, or small bite, that is commonly served when catering is provided at corporate gatherings and social events. A canape consists of a small piece of pastry, bread or cracker with a savoury topping and is meant to be eaten in a single bite.

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Tips on how to choose canapes for your networking event

When choosing canape catering for your corporate networking functions, you'll want to make sure you provide a wide variety. When you order online catering, you'll be able to choose from many different bases and toppings. Plan on catering between seven and 10 canapes per guest.


Vol-au-vent comes from the French phrase meaning "windblown." These canapes are comprised of a fluffy puff pastry that forms a small case or bowl that can be held between two fingers. Vol-au-vents are most often filled with savoury flavours. Common vol-au-vents fillings include minced mushrooms, meatballs, mashed potatoes or vegetables. Dessert vol-au-vents are often simply filled with custard or sweet cream.


Bruschetta is one of the most recognised items in canape catering. It consists of a topped toast point and a topping. The most popular bruschetta consists of a toast point topped with basil, tomato and mozzarella cheese. When you order online, you'll notice that catering menus will include several different types of bruschetta toppings. Common toppings include olive tapenade, pickled onions or sliced meats.

Yorkshire bites

A traditional Yorkshire pudding is a baked British-style pudding side dish, and canape catering can provide miniature versions of this savoury pastry. Yorkshire bites can either be hollowed out and filled, or sliced and topped with a savoury topping. When looking at catering menus, you'll see that popular toppings include roast beef and horseradish, sliced sausage and mashed potatoes and onion jam.

Popular catering option for corporate events

  • A canape is small and held in one hand offering freedom of movement
  • A small tray can hold many canapes giving you more table space
  • The small size of a canape provides the opportunity to order a wide assortment to appease varied tastes
  • A one bite canape can be eaten quickly allowing for conversation and snacking
  • No plates are required when eating a canape, making it ideal for events with no seating

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